Hi! Welcome to the little space on the internet that I’ve just created.

I’m Imogen, turning 20 this month and studying Business at University.

I’ve been debating the idea of a blog for a while, as a place to ramble my thoughts away on certain topics, and on this rainy Wednesday in January, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. I’ve done bits and bobs today, procrastinated by cleaning our student kitchen, but I can’t quite turn my mind off today, until I get my thoughts on paper.

There’s lots going on in the upcoming month, and there has been lots going on since I started my second year at University and I want to be able to document it.

University is interesting. First year, I think you get caught up in how amazing it is to be independent and living away from home, before realising that there is so many ups and downs associated with that. Unfortunately, my student flat wasn’t the happiest of places as we were all very different people. But, this year, I’m very lucky to be living with people who genuinely care about my well being and will always be there to give you a hug at the end of the day.

Even so, although I’m incredibly lucky to be living with amazing people and enjoying my course, University is full of ups and downs, which I think are often brushed under the carpet, as it comes with the umbrella that you’re “having the time of your life”. Yes, I am sometimes, but I’m also not sometimes. I’m trying to learn that its completely okay to feel like that and to not feel so down, when things aren’t ‘perfect’.

Sometimes you do just need to sit in and watch Netflix all evening by yourself, whilst your friends head off to the pub. Sometimes, when someone says, ‘what are you doing tonight?’, its completely okay to say ‘nothing’ in return. It depends what you want to do, and your own mental health, self-care etc.

Don’t get me wrong, university is brilliant, I really have met incredible people that I couldn’t imagine my life without these days and learnt so much more about my subject. But the umbrella of “having the time of your life”, may not be applicable for every university experience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini ramble today, expect many more in the future!

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