A Student Budget Guide for London

Taking a trip to the capital always seems big – I’m from a small countryside town yknow? But I do love to visit and be a bit of a tourist (in my own right).

London has it’s reputation for being pricey and I’ve got a student budget to look after, but you can strike a middle ground and still enjoy the city in all of its glory. I shall note that this weekend also includes some ‘rainy day’ activities, it was UK weather after all.


ST PAULS CATHEDRAL – This has always been a part of London that I’ve missed in previous visits and I’m not really sure why. It’s a really beautiful cathedral and there are SO many colourful mosaics to admire. To explore properly, you can climb the turrets of the cathedral to reach a beautiful view of London’s skyline. Price wise, it is normally £18 per adult, but there was a deal for train tickets holders that were valid on the day. This worked out as 2 for 1 tickets so it’s worth looking out for the deals where you can.


FIRST DATES RESTAURANT – Okay so this doesn’t sound that exciting but if you’re a fan of the show, it’s an iconic landmark, right?! The umbrella might not have been a good look but all I can say is that I wasn’t the only person to have a photo in front of the restaurant…

MUSEUM OF BRANDS – Tucked away in Notting Hill is the Museum of Brands. It was definitely a rainy day activity, but pretty interesting – there was definitely an element of nostalgia as you look back on brands and the advertising has evolved over the years. At a £7 student price entry fee, it’s definitely value for money.

WALKING – It’s pretty obvious that this is a cheap route to exploring London. In terms of a scenic walking route, start in Regents park and explore the gardens before walking onto the canal and following the path to Little Venice.

CAMDEN MARKET – I love Camden. There’s just something about the hustle and bustle, the market stalls, the vintage book stalls and the FOOD. There’s something for everyone and it’s definitely worth a visit.

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