The Best Parts of Padstow

Cornwall in October may be a combination that isn’t initially thought of. I know, it’s often cold, rainy & windy, but it’s a place not just to visit for the summer months. For the last couple of years, I’ve visited the Padstow area & although it’s known for Rick Stein’s culinary delights, there is plenty more to see.

Why visit Padstow?

The picturesque fisherman’s port town, Padstow is one of the loveliest places to be. With the Camel Estuary on its doorstep & the island of Rock in the distance, you’ve definitely got the views from the town. The town can definitely fix your shopping habit, if you’re a fan of Joules, Fatface & White Stuff, but all the independent shops have plenty to offer too.

If you’re arriving at lunchtime ‘ish’, the pasty shops are the ones you want to find first. The question is, which pasty shop is the best? In Padstow, you’ve got about five shops to choose from & although a traditional Cornish pasty is typically the most favoured option, since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve got admit a cheese & onion pasty is pretty good too!

If you’re feeling some ice-cream afterwards, Harbour Ice is the place to go. With so many flavours to choose from, it’s always a difficult decision. They have all the classics, sorbet & This visit I went for ‘Jersey Crunch’, with maltesers, caramel, vanilla, it was definitely a good one!

Best things to do in Padstow

Cycling: The Camel Trail (an old railway track) extends from Padstow to Bodmin, 22 miles there & back. There are cycle hire places near the start of the trail & it’s worth having a visit to Camel Valley Vineyard for some wine along the way! (Side-note: This was a summer activity for me, so I cannot vouch for how fun it is in the colder months!).

Ferry to Rock: Ferries run every 15 minutes to Rock & it is a great trip to escape from the hustle & bustle of Padstow with an extensive beach to explore.

Food: Obviously, you’ve got the Cornish pasty choices, but Rick Stein also does some pretty good fish & chips. His restaurant ‘The Cornish Arms’ based in St Merryn does get pretty busy, which means that sometimes dishes on the menu are not available, but it’s good pub food, nonetheless.

Nearby Beaches

Trevone Bay

When it’s just a 40 min walk (1 ½ miles) from Padstow, this is the place to be. There’s an extensive beach (when the tide’s out!) for walking as well as a connecting coastal path to nearby bays. Of course, the winning factor is that it’s a dog friendly beach from October 1st.

The coastal paths around Trevone are one to explore. The cliffs surrounding Trevone Bay show an impressive natural land feature, a blow hole, eighty feet deep, created by a collapsed sea cave. By following the coastal footpath to the left from the beach, 10 mins later, you’ll find a tidal pool. It varies in depths, so it’s perfect to walk into for a bit of a swim, but I’d recommend the full wetsuit gear!!

Harlyn Bay

This beach is known for being a huge crescent bay with plenty of rock pools. The next beach along from Trevone on the coastal path & it’s a dog friendly beach all year (are we sensing a theme for why beaches in Cornwall are amazing?). This beach has plenty of options for activities & if you’ve ever wanted to learn to surf, this could be the place for you with a RNLI approved surf school (maybe one year for me…).

So, that’s an insight to one of my favourite places in Cornwall & I know there’s still plenty that I haven’t explored yet!

Have you got a favourite place in Cornwall?

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4 thoughts on “The Best Parts of Padstow

  1. […] As soon as the warm weather hits in the UK, we tend to flock to the beaches – I mean we’ve got to make the most of our few days of summer right? (Newsflash: the sea will always be cold). But, I’m going to put it out there, visiting beaches on the cooler days is just as good. Yes, there may be no sunbathing and catching the rays, but ‘blowing out the cobwebs’ rings true. Most likely because you could nearly been blown away by the strong winds! Visiting Cornwall beaches in October is an annual event for me and you can find my guide to Padstow here. […]


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