How to be Eco-Friendly this Christmas

Over the last year or so, as consumers we’ve learnt more and more about the impact we are having on the environment. It might be a little too soon to be thinking about Christmas, but it seems like we’re flying through November, before you know it, it will be Christmas! I’m starting to get my planning mode on as I love this time of year, buying presents for friends and family. But as Christmas typically equals a large amount of consumerism, I’m going to incorporate some more eco-friendly ways of doing so and hopefully this will provide some inspiration to how you can do the same!

* some items in this post have been gifted but all opinions are my own, please see my disclaimer for more details*

Christmas E-Cards

Personally, I love a Christmas card, but lets be honest, they may be displayed around the house for a few weeks before being put into recycling after Christmas. Not to mention the fact that although the glittery cards may look pretty, they can’t be recycled at all. I was initially sceptical to e-cards, as I have never really recieved them before, but Paperless Post* kindly gifted me some ‘coins’ to try out their designs and I have to admit, I’m converted. I sent a few ‘Just because’ cards to friends and family to test out the method and was really impressed with the designs, as well as how quickly they arrived by email. Creating the cards was definitely a nice way to spend a Sunday morning, so I will definitely be using it for Christmas cards in the future.

Recyclable Wrapping Paper

Until last year, I honestly had no idea that wrapping paper typically cannot be recycled as it contains non-paper additives such as glitter and plastics. So if you think about the amount of wrapping paper that is used over the Christmas period, it will amount up to a large amount of waste. Using traditional brown paper is a good way to combat this, it’s easy to make it look decorative by using ribbon that can be saved and reused. Reusable wrapping paper also now exists in the market, Happywrap sell reusable cotton paper and it is really affordable for the fact you can reuse the paper!

Shopping Local

Yes I know shopping online is incredibly convenient, but there are lots of environmental impacts involved with doing so, the typical plastic packaging, the emissions from delivery. Shopping local in your town not only supports the independent stores, but most likely you’ll find more individual gifts. Spending an afternoon mooching around the shops is a pretty good way to start feeling in the Christmas present.

Gift Experiences

Gifting or receiving experiences is one of my favourite parts of Christmas as having a birthday in February, it can feel like a bit of a whirlwind. It prolongs the period but also gives the opportunity to give something you know they’ve always wanted to do, whether that’s big or small. I had a few cinema vouchers last year and it was really nice to know I could use them at any point in the year. Your local independents may be offering vouchers or they don’t have to be brought, it could be a jar of nice things you will do with that person one year.

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5 thoughts on “How to be Eco-Friendly this Christmas

  1. I’ve said I won’t be sending out Christmas cards this year as like you say they sit around for a bit and then get recycled, so it is a good idea to be sending out e cards instead 🙂


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