My Style Plan for 2020

From 2009 to 2019, I have technically become an actual ‘adult’. So back in 2009, it’s safe to say my 11 year old style was very different. We’ve moved on from the big chunky necklaces, the boot-cut jeans and the peter-pan collars, I hope? As we enter 2020, I’ve had a think about the staples I want to have in my wardrobe. I’ve seen plenty of capsule wardrobe videos on YouTube and although have attempted to create one of my own, I’m going to focus on this much more next year. By doing so, I’m hoping to have some classic ‘go-to’ outfits and of course, have less of an impact upon the bank balance!

My 2020 Goals

Think before purchasing – I tend to fall into trap of wanting an item, but I never really think about whats in my wardrobe already. I’ve been trying to combat this lately and you can read about this here, but it’s something I definitely intend to do more of. The plan is to work out what I’ve worn the most, what I haven’t really touched and what I feel is missing in my winter wardrobe so by the time spring arrives, I can have a bit of a sort out and make a wish list for next year.

Buy Secondhand – everyone seems to be trying to do their bit for sustainable fashion and although I’ve got my eye on a pair of ASOS culottes, I have been searching depop and the charity shops too. It’s a bit of a lucky draw as some days you can find things you love and other days you wont, but as we enter the next decade, I’m going to continue to shop in charity shops & encourage you to do the same! It’s also less likely that you’ll turn up to an event in the same top as someone else…

Push myself out of the comfort zone – this relates to buying clothes without thinking, because I have a few items that seemed great at the time but I actually haven’t felt confident enough to wear them. I’ve been using the instagram save option more to save outfits I love the look of and use items that I currently have in my wardrobe to re-create.

My Current Favourite Items

The Staple Black Coat – I’m pretty proud of the fact that I *think* I’ve had this coat for pretty much the entire decade. It’s been in the back of the wardrobe for probably about 5 years, but luckily I’ve never put it in a bag for the charity shop! It’s become my everyday coat again, mainly because it just goes with everything. Black jeans, blue jeans, skirt, culottes – you name it so I’ve found a similar *ish* coat to mine which you can find on ASOS.

The Chelsea Boot – These were a bit of a new purchase for me, but definitely a worthwhile one. Incredibly comfy and again just go with absolutely everything so very easy to earn the price per wear back!

Culottes – If we’re talking confidence, wearing culottes is something I have gained confidence with this year. I picked up some demin ones from New Look last spring and ADORED them all season. This winter, I’m wearing a burgundy pair, again from New Look. They’re a bit more dressy with heels and boots, but in my winter outfits blog posts (which you can find here), I have dressed them down with converse.

ASOS Jeans – Can confirm that I have finally found jeans that properly fit me. They are the right size on the leg and the waist people! For years I’ve been recommended the Topshop Jamie Jeans but I always found that the quality didn’t quite match the price bracket. I’ve moved to the ASOS Ridley high-waisted skinny jeans and they are just so darn comfy, along with a very reasonable price.

Until next time,

Im x

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