Restaurant Review: Mowgli

Every time I’m in Birmingham New Street station, the swinging chairs in the window of Mowgli catch my eye. Unfortunately there wasn’t one free when I visited, a missed instagram opportunity, but not the end of the world. For someone who’s pretty clumsy, it was probably a good thing that I was sat in a stable chair!

First up, the interior of Mowgli is so so nice. There’s fairy lights all over the place, wooden furniture and the atmosphere is really great. I visited at lunchtime so it was a very chilled atmosphere and the perfect place to sit and chat over some good food.

Food wise, it’s so reasonably priced, good quality and plenty of vegan/vegetarian options! It took quite a while to choose to be honest as the menu is pretty extensive, and there’s an allergens menu attached to the main menu which is pretty handy to know what is in each dish.

The waitress recommended that 3-4 dishes would be plenty of food and as it was just lunch, we opted for two of the vegan curries, puri breads and rice to share. To be honest, when ordering the waiter taking our order encouraged us to have the ‘tiffin box’, which would have been good value if we wanted to eat two curries, breads and rice each and I’m sure the recommendation was with the best intentions but it came across as a bit pushy when we had already said everything we wanted to order. Apart from this, the customer service was great and the food came within minutes of ordering! Great if you’re looking for a quick lunch spot.

The curries picked were; Picnic Potato Curry and Red Lentil Temple Dahl which tastes SO good together, mixed in with the rice and puri breads. The lentil dahl definitely felt light a comfort food and was delicious mixed with the cumin and coriander spice. But the Picnic potato curry was my favourite, it was a rich tomato sauce with just the right level of spice.

I’m definitely glad that I’ve finally visited and will be going back to sample more of the food on offer (can’t beat a veggie curry). I’ve heard that the cocktails are pretty good too, so I might have to update this review once I’ve had the full experience! But on the whole, it’s a great place for lunch/dinner, fitting with a student budget but not compromising on the quality of food.

Have you visited Mowgli before? What did you think/should I try next time?

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Mowgli

  1. Here in Liverpool we have enjoyed the gastronomic delights of Mowgli .! Personally I cannot get enough of the amazing food on offer , both vegetarian and non vegetarian . This is not your common or garden Curry house, this is authentic Indian family food and is worth every penny . Can’t wait to get back there.
    We have 3 restaurants in the area , all of them individually amazing !

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