The Medicine Bakery Review

Calling all vegetarians and vegans in the West Mids, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best place for breakfast (served all-day may I add). Medicine Bakery has always been on my bucket list as a place to visit in Birmingham and it definitely didn’t disappoint. There’s plenty on the menu that I haven’t explored but now I’ve visited Medicine for breakfast in Birmingham and Codsall, I thought I’d give you the low down.


To visit Medicine in Birmingham, all you’ve got to do is step out of New Street and turn left. Based in a previously vacant art gallery, the building is obviously gorgeous. You’ve got pastries and bread galore on the counter as you walk in, and even if you’re struggling to find a seat, the staff are really helpful or the huge tables encourage a friendly vibe of sitting together with others to enjoy the greatness that Medicine has to offer.

So for the vegan breakfast, it’s made up of; beans, tomato, sweet potato, falafel, avocado, scrambled tofu, spinach, garlic mushrooms and incredible sourdough bread. I actually think it’s the best bread I’ve ever eaten.


Codsall is the place of origin for Medicine Bakery and if I lived in Codsall, I’d probably live and breathe in this place. Again, it’s a stones throw from Codsall’s train station (a 30 min (ish) train journey from Birmingham). The set up is fairly similar to Birmingham, the counter where you order is full of pastries and bread.

Obviously, if you’re ordering a coffee, the blueberry and lemon ‘cronut’ is definitely one to have – but the photo opportunity was missed because I ate it too quickly.

For the veggie breakfast, you’ve got; baked beans, poached egg, garlic mushrooms, halloumi, tomato and falafel.

I think probably the best thing about these two breakfasts is that it is simply made of fresh ingredients and you can definitely tell. The breakfasts are cheaper in Codsall by about £2 but there is no difference in the quality of the ingredients and breakfast. The person who thought about putting falafel and sweet potato in a breakfast is a genius.

In case you can’t tell, I LOVE it! Have you been or have it on your bucket list too? Let me know what you think!!

Im x

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