The Self-Care Journaling Method

Time to get your pen out…

As 2020 rolled around, I vowed to ‘journal’ more. Take a bit of time and space away from the screens. But as my life is currently a constant to do list of reading, essay writing and lectures, I haven’t gone the whole hog with this resolution – mainly because I often can’t fit my bullet journal in my bag for a day at uni. But when I have made the time to journal, it has set everything into a wider perspective and that’s where Fearne Cotton’s books, Happy and Calm come in.

FEARNE’S BOOKS – these are written to operate like a journal, with her narrative to guide you along the reflective process. The workbook exercises, like writing a positive list at that point in time and noting down your flaws help you find peace and reflect, but you also need to get your colouring pens out – it actually felt quite liberating to write in a paperback copy?? The ‘reflection rainbow’ symbol is there to simply note how you’re feeling at the time, a good way of checking in with yourself. I find that the style of writing makes me think and view the day differently, but also recognising that not everyday is positive with your dark blue pen!

BULLET JOURNALING – I love a good notebook, alright? Last year I became a bit obsessed by planning out my bullet journal neatly and using it religiously. I’ve realised that it isn’t sustainable with my current lifestyle, I’ve barely touched my bullet journal since mid January when the new year/new start feeling left. But I have set it up in a way to use for self-care and brainstorming to get my thoughts on paper.

Pinterest is the best inspiration for bullet journal pages and I loved the ‘words to live by’ idea. We all need a bit of a pick me up sometimes right? I don’t read these and feel instantly better, but it’s a starting point if I really need a ‘sort yourself out’ self-care reminder.

The creativity of setting out bullet journal pages is also incredibly therapeutic. I’m not artistic in the slightest and luckily my journal can cope with numerous pages being ripped out as I start again and again. To be honest, it probably takes me an hour to do two pages – much longer if you include my pinterest search for simple designs. If you can do some of the incredible designs that I see on there, then I’m in AWE of you.

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