The 5 Podcasts for Escapism

I’ll be honest, with COVID-19 news, it does feel a little weird to be writing and publishing a blog post. With self-isolation being advised, it does bring another element of uncertainty and anxiety to the mix. But that’s the last I’m going to talk about it today. Instead, I’m offering a list of my favourite podcasts which (hopefully) will add an element of escapism to our lives at the moment.

LuAnna: The Podcast – This is the ultimate escapism to make you think you’re genuinely having a chat with friends. Luisa & Anna give you the full insight into their week – their latest antics, rants, chats & overall raw honesty about everything and anything. Lemme tell you, I love it.

The Glow & Grow Show – The ultimate blogging podcast! Vix answers every single question you may have, offers the support and inspiration. It’ll make you rethink what content you’re creating, what you’re writing about & if you need a bit of a pick me up, blog ideas or motivation, The Glow & Grow show will sort you out. It is also an incredible blogging community and I can’t recommend it enough to all bloggers-alike. Here is your link to join*.

At Home With… – This was one of the first podcasts I listened to, back in 2017. There’s 21 episodes in total, with Anna & Lily talking to cool women about all the cool things that they do. My fave episode is with Callie Thorpe, where they talk through her background and how it has led to the evolution of her incredible attitude of positivity and acceptance. But I genuinely love every episode with each guest in their own individual way.

Blossoming: The Podcast – This podcast is dedicated to all self-confidence with your body, learning to love yourself and feel comfortable. Flo offers all the advice for embracing change, social media and fitness journeys, along with a good ole self-confidence boost.

Happy Place – I’ve talked about my love for Fearne Cotton’s books before, (which you can read about here) so it was predictable that I would fall in love with her podcasts too? Talking to incredible people; Dolly Alderton, James Bay and Dawn French to name a few, about the love, happiness and insecurities in their lives. It offers that kind of comforting feeling of support.

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Podcasts for Escapism

  1. […] Walks – The first part of lockdown allowed us to have an hours walk a day and living in the countryside meant that (luckily) there was plenty of different routes on my doorstep. Alternate days are scheduled for dog walking and I’m having a HUGE podcast moment. Sometimes, I just listen to the world around me, but sometimes it’s nice to listen to a podcast and feel like you’re having a ‘chat’? You can read about my top five podcasts here. […]


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