The Ultimate TV List for Lockdown

I do love a good TV series and as there’s been quite a few lately, these recommendations have been tried and tested.

For today’s blog post, I’ve put together a bumper list of all my favourite telly from the last month (including classic box sets) so whatever you’re looking to add to your ‘To Watch’ list, this list has it all – whether’s a bit of escapism, lighthearted, crime, documentary, drama and of course, a few trash shows. All of the TV shows are linked so LET’S GET STARTED…


  1. Race Across the World – it’s been my Sunday night highlight for the last 8 weeks & there’s a reunion episode on Sunday 10th April, what more could we ask for? For this series, 5 teams race from Mexico City to Ushuaia, Argentina, with no smartphones, the budget of a plane ticket and experience many testing times along the journey – all with a BBC film crew following them so we can see all the highs and the lows. It’s a nail biting finish, let me tell you. Series 1 & 2 are both on BBC iPlayer. Where do I sign up for the next series?
  2. The Nest – Another Sunday night fave. Five episodes in total so not a long series, but a LOT happens. The story focuses on a couple (featuring Martin Compston so win-win) and a young girl who becomes their surrogate, but obviously it isn’t a smooth journey so there’s plenty of twists & turns packed in.
  3. Shrill – It’s a binge-watch series and 20ish minute episodes make it easy. The focus is upon Annie, a plus-size woman, who learns to raise her own expectations, accept herself and reject society’s stereotype of a ‘fat’ woman. Her writing career grows throughout the series and to be honest, even in her selfish moments, I was rooting for her to stand up to her boss and succeed.


  1. Liar – Series 2 begun in March, but unfortunately series 1 isn’t on the ITV hub to catch up. It picks up right from where Series 1 finished and if you’ve watched quite a few ITV dramas, you’ll notice quickly that it’s a CLASSIC – some of the plot is definitely questionable. A good series to watch, nonetheless.
  2. Quiz – If you haven’t heard of this show already, where have you been? I didn’t remember the Who Wants to be a Millionaire scandal so after the first episode, I spend a good few hours brushing up on my knowledge because it’s SO interesting. Did they cheat, did they not cheat?? It’s your decision. Michael Sheen nailed his performance as Chris Tarrant and I loved Aisling Bea too, the classic line of “this is looking a bit like a classic ITV drama isn’t it” in the court room scene, just sums it up.

Channel 4

  1. Gogglebox – A true CLASSIC – lighthearted, fun and at the moment, it’s what we need. The production team are smashing it to keep filming Gogglebox week on week and you’re experiencing every week of lockdown TV with them.
  2. Hollyoaks – don’t @ me for this one but I’m mentioning it just incase it’s your cup of tea…filming has stopped for Hollyoaks so twice a week they’re showing the old classic episodes – perfect if you preferred the older series. So far there’s been the McQueen train crash, gloved-hand killer and Laurie’s comeuppance.

Disney +

  1. Aladdin (2019) – I think I missed the hype with this film last year, but OMG it is good. Mena Massoud (Aladdin), Naomi Scott (Jasmine) and Will Smith (Genie) are flawless.
  2. Into the Grand Canyon – A Disney + subscription opens you up to a whole host of National Geographic documentaries and if that’s your thing, you’re in for a treat. Into the Grand Canyon follows two individuals who set out to cover the 750 miles by foot, understanding the vast landscape and how commercial developments could impact the landscape forever.


  1. Afterlife – This series is honestly beautiful. You’ll be laughing one minute at Ricky Gervais’s one-liners and crying the next. The deep underlying message is there as the series tackles grief, mental health, marriage breakdowns, therapy, love, friendships, work..I could go on. It’s a reminder that love and friendships are the core purpose of life, along with dogs being your best friend.
  2. Tiger King – Another Netflix show which has been the talk of social media. It’s WILD, which makes it entertaining, but how tigers are used for money in the USA really didn’t sit right with me – it was definitely eye opening from that point of view.
  3. Grace & Frankie – A bit of easy watching, it explores the story of two women in their 70’s entering a new chapter in their life, as their husband’s reveal that they are gay and plan to get married. It’s lighthearted and warming, but not gripping so you can pick it up at any time of day.
  4. Too Hot to Handle – If you want trash TV, then this is it. 10 singles, defined as ‘commitment-phobes’ (?), are put on a four week retreat in an island villa to develop ‘meaningful’ relationships. With 100k price money at stake, it is pretty entertaining for the drama – think Love Island x Love is Blind.

Classic BBC iPlayer Box Sets

  1. Line of Duty – Series 1-5
  2. This Country – Series 1-3
  3. Gavin & Stacey – Series 1-3
  4. The Missing – Series 1-2
  5. Baptiste – Series 1

My ‘To Watch’ List

Good TV doesn’t end there at the moment (and I really hope it doesn’t). Here’s what I’m watching next:

  1. Killing Eve – BBC iPlayer
  2. Normal People – BBC iPlayer
  3. The Imagineering Story Disney +

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