How to Make a Scrapbook Look Pretty with Minimal Effort

I’m that person who keeps every ticket, every photo and leaflet I possibly could have been given during the holiday. I love memories, but it’s been two years since I went interailing and the photos I printed, the tickets I kept have been stored in a blue plastic wallet – oops? It was time to finally have a place to show them off. However, with my lack of art skills, I sought the effortless ways to do so.

Scrap-booking is a really nice form of self-care. It can bring out your creative side, a bit of time to ‘switch-off’ and it’s quite easy to get lost in the memories, or find things that you had forgotten about. But it can need a bit of dedicated time – before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by photos/stickers/glue/pens etc.

For the actual scrapbook, I went simple with a A4 black sketchbook from Pink Pig. Not too pricey and scope to play around with the pages, especially if I messed up (very likely). For page inspiration, Pinterest is your best bet, there are so many different page set-ups. I’ve set up a scrap-booking board which you can see here.

Free Prints App – With 45 free prints a month (& a small delivery fee), this is the easiest way to get all the photos that you need to put into a scrapbook. Whether the photos are in your camera roll, Facebook or Instagram, the Free Prints app will print them and deliver (typically) in a week. There’s 12 different photo sizes to choose from which will make scrap-booking easy for fitting numerous photos on one page.

Washi Tape – This will become your best friend to make the pages look ‘pretty’. I didn’t use it for every photo but where there is space on the page, it’s simple to add washi tape to either side of the photo. The washi tape I used was gold & black but there are SO many designs that you can get your hands on, check out The Packaging Pro for more.

Stickers – I think less is more when it comes to stickers. I had a few sticker strips from Harriet Wright Designs (lines, bows, stamps etc.) and used them on a few pages to mix it up a bit. But if you want to cover your page in stickers, no-one’s stopping you – do your thingggg.

Staedtler Pens & Highlighters – If you’ve been a university student, most likely you’ve got these in a draw somewhere. They were perfect for revision – am I right? Turns out they are pretty perfect for scrap-booking too. But as I’m still trying to master a bit of calligraphy, keeping it simple with capital headings was the best option.

Your Memories – This part depends on how much you are like me; I had maps, flight tickets, bus tickets, a full tourist guide to Ljubljana stored in that blue plastic wallet. Get out your scissors (safely..) and cut out your favourite memories to add to the pages. Personally, I really liked adding the maps I had kept to show the parts of the city that I had visited or using tickets, e.g. Trogir was a day trip so it seemed fitting to add the bus ticket.

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