Finding Your Go-To Comfy & Casual Uniform

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We’ve all been there, stood in front of the wardrobe and thinking ‘what on earth am I going to wear’. At the moment, the focus is on comfort for our working from home days. Lounge wear is GREAT and definitely ‘fashion trend’ at the moment but sometimes getting *properly* dressed can work wonders too. I haven’t gone as far as wearing make-up daily though.

The UK is in the ‘spring to summer’ fashion period. One day it’ll be a scorcher, the next day we’ll be searching for the jumpers. I’ve never found Spring/Summer fashion an easy balance to strike and typically, the one day I decide to wear a cute summer dress, its WAY too windy. But whilst we’re in the home environment, it’s the perfect time to ‘shop your wardrobe’. You might find few items that you forgot about – for me, I finally had the right colour jeans but had never paired it with the green top. Here are my 4 staples for comfy/casual ‘at home’ outfits.

Denim Jeans

Jeans and a t shirt is my go-to most days and this isn’t changing whilst we’re at home. I can confirm that the ultimate ‘at home’ jeans that you’re looking for are the ASOS DESIGN Ridley jeans*. Bit of a ‘jegging’ material means that there’s no tightness on the waistband, they don’t need stretching out after every wash and they are just darn comfy.

The Smart-ish Tshirt

Taking the t-shirt element up a notch. Zara have a pretty good basic t-shirt section, with numerous styles and colours. I have a few of their ‘old’ styles (always consider ‘price-per-wear’ when making a purchase). Depending on your style, whether that’s a v-neck, a round-neck or polo-neck tshirt, you won’t be short of options when scrolling through the Zara website – I love the look of this t-shirt in their SS/20 collection.

The Lounge Wear Jumpsuit

The sun’s shining, you’re ready to sit in the garden (or in a park at a 2m distance), go for a walk etc so ‘that jumpsuit’ will be the one to always reach for. Comfy for sunbathing, for walks, for a game of swingball but your skin has the chance to soak up some vitamin D at the same time (just throwing a sun cream reminder in here..). The trusty jumpsuit in my wardrobe has been there for a few years, but it is a similar style to this one*.

Lightweight Jumpers

A UK wardrobe isn’t complete without at LEAST one jumper..not to add too much weather chat, but we just never know when the weather will turn. Of course, even if we do get the beautiful summer weather from 2018 back again, having a jumper on hand for the evenings is needed. Once again, my wardrobe has at least one Crew Neck jumper* from New Look in there for years. As they’re not too thick, it’s the perfect ‘throw over’.

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