A Fresh Perspective on Exercise

Exercise is my nemesis to be honest. I go through waves of really enjoying workouts, then really hating it and that’s completely normal. At university, my gym membership consisted of gym and swim which meant I could switch between the two, but as work got intense, my motivation to do either slipped because the off-peak hours felt awkward to fit exercise into my day (in reality, I could have just woken up earlier). But then we hit the storm that is coronavirus and my university deadlines were over much quicker than expected. After months of uni work, library days and lectures, I had no structure to my days – a complete 360.

My excuse of having ‘no time’ for exercise was quickly subsided. And at the moment, being at home all the time means we’re quite sedentary, whereas I was used to walking at least 30 minutes a day to campus and back. To be honest, I begun to crave having to get up and go somewhere.

So to balance the crave for structure, along with also wanting to sit and watch Grace & Frankie all day, I’ve incorporated a mini exercise routine to ease the adjustment period into the ‘new normal’. Dare I say it, I have *been loving* the time to exercise (and align it well with hair wash days).

Walks – The first part of lockdown allowed us to have an hours walk a day and living in the countryside meant that (luckily) there was plenty of different routes on my doorstep. Alternate days are scheduled for dog walking and I’m having a HUGE podcast moment. Sometimes, I just listen to the world around me, but sometimes it’s nice to listen to a podcast and feel like you’re having a ‘chat’? You can read about my top five podcasts here.

The Train Happy Facebook Page – This has been my main motivator to ‘keep at it’. Live workouts by Tally Rye are streamed into the page twice a week, with a body-weight workout (Tuesday – 9am) and a dumbell workout (Thursday – 12noon). To me, this means that they are ‘planned’, the same way an exercise class would be. But the 45 min (ish) workouts are saved into the page afterwards so they can be done wherever and whenever you want. All of the workouts are from Tally’s book and build on intensity. Although they get harder (Week 6 workouts were TOUGH), I’ve noticed my strength increase and as exercises are repeated in different workouts, it turns a challenge into a recognition of achievement for me.

Real-Time Workouts – YouTube has always been a great place to find home workout resources and as soon as lockdown begun, more and more home workouts were posted. The YouTube channel that I tend to visit time and time again is Zanna Van Dijk. There are SO many exercise plans on her channel and the 20 Minute Full Body workout is definitely a challenge. But, it works and by doing 20 minutes, it’s a time motivator to push myself.

Yoga – If anything, lockdown has reinvigorated my love for yoga and I know a wonderful instructor who is doing online zoom classes. Some sunshine and a yoga mat outdoors is one of my favourite things to settle my mind at the moment (as long as your neighbour isn’t mowing their lawn at the same time). There are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube for at home practice, I’ve always loved Yoga with Adrienne for at home practice, whether you want a morning wake-up, a deep stretch or some core work – recently I followed her ‘Yoga for Abdominal Wall’ video and it’s a tough 14 minutes!!

3 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective on Exercise

  1. fab post! I’ve been following Adriene for years and absolutely love yoga! I really enjoyed going out for walks with a podcast too but haven’t been out for a while! Not sure how busy parks are going to be deffo adds to the stress a bit! I think lockdown has been so great for getting a proper work out routine in though!

    Lots of love,

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