Is a BirchBox Subscription the Perfect Treat?

Birchbox isn’t new at all, it just appears that I’m a bit late to the party.

The concept is a monthly beauty box, containing products which would cost much more if you bought them individually. It appears to be a good way to try out new products and the perfect treat.

I’ve thought about getting a Birchbox for a while and it was the 50% student discount (for the first box) which swayed me to be honest. After receiving two boxes, I can now report back on the products that have been delivered (including the RRP for full-size items in the box).

First of all, the packaging is really cute. The flowery tin from May can be definitely be used as organisation in one way or another and I’ll probably use June’s box as make-up storage. One thing that I appreciated from June’s Birchbox was the recognition for Black Lives Matter, sharing the key donation pages, petitions and reading list.


Beauty Pro Rose Infused Sheet Mask (RRP £4.95) – Sheet mask newbie over here. But I have heard great things from pretty much everyone. This one is plastic free and biodegradable, part of Beauty Pro’s plant based range and is built with anti-inflammatory properties to leave your skin incredible smooth. I am SO excited to give this a go.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-minute Peel – There are mixed reviews on this one on the Birchbox website and I’m yet to try. It’s a nice travel size which would be good to fit into a wash-bag as an extra skincare step.

Patchology Rejuvenating Eye Patches – Another one that I’m yet to try! I think a skincare day is on the horizon. They look great, but the only thing I would say is they aren’t particularly a sustainable skincare option (I guess you can argue that none of these are) but they don’t appear to be made of natural ingredients and single use.

Magnitone WipeOut – To contrast the previous product, yes to Birchbox for including an eco-friendly cleansing cloth in June’s box. I’ve boycotted single use cotton wool pads (as most likely they aren’t biodegradable) and adding another cleansing cloth (that can be washed) to my collection definitely isn’t a bad thing.


Manna Kadar Bloom Mascara – I’m a fan of travel-size mascaras and this one definitely fits the bill. It claims to be an innovative spiral shaped wand and I would semi-agree. The mascara wand works well to give a natural look, I’ve found no risk of it being clumpy, BUT it does take quite a bit of time to build volume.

Grace & Stella Rose Water Facial Mist – I’ve heard quite a bit about the brand, but never tried their products before. This facial mist smells incredible and it is really good for hydration when applying pre-makeup (just make sure you hold at least 10-12 inches away from your face before spraying!).

Sunny Isle Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum (RRP £17) – Unfortunately, I don’t think this product is for me. And that’s okay – it might be for you. It is apparently proven to promote hair growth and will boost your eyelashes/eyebrows over three weeks. But the product arrived without mascara wands (as stated on the box), hindering my ability to actually try the product. The instructions sound messy, so I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle.

Absolute New York Blush Balm (RRP £4) – I’m not normally one for blush but I think I’ve fallen in love with this one. It’s SO easy to apply and blend into your skin. Applying a small amount once (on the top of your cheek) gives a really natural look by blending in with a Real Techniques buffing brush from their flawless base set.

Winky Lux Peeper Perfect Concealer – As a tiny travel size, this is also a good one for fitting into your wash-bag. It is FULL coverage and perfect to last all day. The shade delivered is perfect to suit my skin and the photo shows some diversity in the shades available.

Referral code: By having a Birchbox account, I now have a referral code. If you’d like to sign up to their monthly boxes (can cancel at anytime), you can get £5 off your first box with this link.

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