Why Going to The Beach is Always a Good Idea (Yes, Even When It’s Raining)

I live close enough to the furthest point in the UK from a beach and for that reason, it’s not a regular visit for me. So I guess, I always get that calm, holiday vibe (even if the wind is basically blowing you away), which will most likely be different to someone who lives 10 minutes from the beach (the dream eh).

As soon as the warm weather hits in the UK, we tend to flock to the beaches – I mean we’ve got to make the most of our few days of summer right? (Newsflash: the sea will always be cold). But, I’m going to put it out there, visiting beaches on the cooler days is just as good. Yes, there may be no sunbathing and catching the rays, but ‘blowing out the cobwebs’ rings true. Most likely because you could nearly been blown away by the strong winds! Visiting Cornwall beaches in October is an annual event for me and you can find my guide to Padstow here.

Here are the reasons why the beach is always a good idea in my book.

The landscape. Let the waves wash over your feet, walk along the expansive space, climb the sand dunes, find an ice cream van and prepare for all occasions of weather – a wind break, a rain coat, sun cream (I know I probably sound like I’m planning a school trip here). But I’m sure you’ll be good to go to enjoy the beach landscape at all costs – rather than being incredibly envious of the people who have bought a wind break and are sat quite comfortably, whilst you’re feeling pretty cold.

Sand is a natural exfoliator. So a day at the beach can also be defined as a free spa day. I mean, when the sand is blowing directly into your face, it might not be seen as such a pro. But it actually does work! Once it’s washed off, slightly smoother skin is on the horizon as it’ll have stripped back the impurities, renewing your skin in the process.

Washing away your thoughts. The calming noise of the sea, the birds, the nature can work wonders at tuning out your thoughts. There’s a reason why spa’s and beauty salons use calming sounds of the beach as their playlists to help us relax. If you’re looking for that escape, submerge yourself in the sounds, the smells and the sights of the beach – rainy weather can’t dampen the calming element.

The coastal views. By following the coastal paths, you can often have a whole new perspective to the beach and see it in a new light, as I’m pretty sure that there is always a good view to be found. It’s an underrated aspect of visiting to the beach to be honest, yet there are so many coastal paths that you can explore. (100% would recommend the coastal paths in Cornwall). Simply putting one foot in front of the other and taking in the coastal views can calm the mind.

So here’s your cue – if you’re looking for a stay cation this summer, head to the beach no matter rain or shine.

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