Planning a UK Staycation? Here’s How To Do It

Flights might be back up and running, but a summer staycation has never been so popular for 2020. At the end of June, there was apparently one holiday booked every 11 seconds in the UK. It seems to be the ‘new normal’, but that’s really not a bad thing – there’s some incredible offerings on our doorstep. It’s the perfect opportunity to ‘break the routine’ and stay elsewhere or rediscover your local area – a staycation which would involve very low mileage. Here’s how you can do it.

MAKE A BUCKET LIST – It’s applicable for both your local area and the ‘staycation destination’. If you’re a planner like myself, get a google document sorted and put all your ideas in place. Find the local attractions that are open and note down the current COVID-19 restrictions for visiting, research some open spaces to visit for when the weathers good – that kind of thing will give you a direction for the days when you want to do something.

CHOOSE WISELY WITH THE DESTINATION – The UK tourist industry is in need of our custom, but some of the tourist hot spots are going to be heaving. It’s important to check the restrictions in that area and the local attractions which may be staying shut for some time beforehand. A website recommendation is Quality Unearthed – it’s full of available glamping accommodation; yurts, tree houses and shepherd huts which are perfect for a secluded getaway (typically with own facilities, not shared) and bit different to the months we’ve spent at home.

BOOK QUICKLY – Things are getting booked up like wildfire at the moment and to make the most of a staycation, you’ve got to be on the mark – whether you’re in your local area or not. Places like National Trust have a particular day (I think Friday) when you can book tickets for the week ahead and for others, they’re only open on certain days so some kind of itinerary is probably needed. But, for accommodation, try to have at least a bit of a research time before you dive in and make the payment to confirm booking – this year more than ever, you’ll be wanting clean and safe accommodation.

LENGTHEN THE PACKING LIST – This year, it’s all a bit different. If you’re staying away somewhere, they may have removed items that would have shared between guests such as cushions, blankets and an information booklet – you never know until you check. For what might have been removed, you’d want to take yourself. Self-catered wise, it’s probably best to pack some essentials for the kitchen that would have normally been shared from guest to guest in the property. Here is also your obligatory reminder to also make sure you pack hand sanitiser and face masks!!


If you’re looking for some ‘staycation inspiration’, you can read my travel guides here: Padstow, Hereford and Bath.

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4 thoughts on “Planning a UK Staycation? Here’s How To Do It

  1. I have been unsure whether to go on holiday during all of this, I had a holiday cancelled to Spain which was of course disappointing. But I think staycations will be so much more popular this year and in the coming years too. Thanks for your tips 🙂 Loving your blog!

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  2. I was shocked to see that statistic at the start – every 11 seconds!? Damn. I think this is such a great idea and I might have to spend my evening looking at Quality Uneartheted now! Thanks for sharing Imogen 🙂

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