4 Ways to Stay Organised When Job Searching

Dear Class of 2020, we have entered unprecedented times.

When it comes to job hunting, it is a mixture of good days and bad days, but the main element I’ve found is keeping on track with those applications. Keeping those deadlines fresh in the mind, attempting to work out what you may have done right or wrong for that matter and trying to not get lost in the world of job hunting and applications.

In reality, no-one can tell you, ‘Here’s How to Get Your First Job’, but the tips and tricks that have been learnt along the way can be helpful. Organisation? That’s my thing. I thrive from to-do lists. My horoscope may be a Pisces but I’m sure there is an element of Virgo attached.

Here are a few of the organisation methods that I’m using at the moment…

CREATE AN APPLICATION SPREADSHEET – This is needed to keep on track with it all. What have you applied for and when did you apply? Did you get to the next stage in one and not in the other? Review the spreadsheet week on week, make note of jobs you’d like to apply for, their deadlines etc. It can be tailored to what works for you – think about the spreadsheet for all your info and similarly to shutting your laptop to the day, when you close the spreadsheet for the day and try to give your mind a rest from it all.

WRITE DOWN THE COMPETENCIES FOR EACH ROLE AND HOW YOU MEET THEM – This is a good way to specifically tailor each of your applications, which is SO important – every role is different. But you may have two or three different examples for each competency which would work differently and this can support you in the preparation for an interview, especially if a question is worded differently to how you would think.

MAKE NOTE OF WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE FROM A ROLE – What are the key things that you’d like to be doing? It is helpful to write these down to decipher quickly from job advertisements as to whether it would work for you and whether you would be good for the role. It can also help with the job search process in general, searching key words and responsibilities might find different role titles that you hadn’t considered, but would be applicable to your skill set and what you’d like from a role.

CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK – It’s tough. It’s a roller-coaster. Sometimes you will find that by 10am, there is nothing that you can feel that you can apply for. But it isn’t a reflection on you, nor the hard work that you are putting into applications. The right job will be out there, it just might take some time.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be releasing something exciting! It fits perfectly with job hunting, productivity and planning so keep an eye on my social media for more information!

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6 thoughts on “4 Ways to Stay Organised When Job Searching

  1. As someone that has a graduate job lined up that will start next month, I agree with this! Cutting yourself some slack is so important. Even at the best of times, job hunting and writing cover letters and all can be so exhausting so it’s important to be kind on yourself!

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  2. All of these resonated with me and took me back to just after I graduated! Totally with you on the spreadsheet, it keeps track for you so that you can switch off at the end of the day because that’s so important too. Best of luck in your search!


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