A BRAND NEW Strategy to Follow for Room Organisation

Before I say that I can’t stop looking at my bookcase, I should probably give some context. Incase you missed it, this week I shared a photo on my Instagram to reveal the before and after of my bookcase.

I’m one of those people who’ll wake up one morning and decide that my entire room needs re-organising, create a huge pile for charity shops but actually never take it – don’t worry, I’m going to get better at that.

Anyway, I spent my entire Saturday re-organising and I’m VERY proud of it. To all my friends and family that have listened to me talking about it for numerous days on a row now, I’m sorry. I just got used to the bookcase looking like it did, it housed a lot of stuff and then when lockdown hit, I just simply moved my desk around so it wasn’t in the background of video calls.

But I’ve DONE it. It’s organised, there are boxes to ‘hide’ the clutter and I actually know what the clutter is, I’ve kept the sentimental items and ‘presented’ them differently, my plants now all have a home at the top of the bookcase (I know that might not be the best environment, but I’m working on being able to look after plants…).

So what’s this strategy that I mention so boldly in the title? Well it’s a four-point method to follow and will turn room organisation into a bit more of a ‘self-care’ method, rather than a chore to avoid.


No matter the size of your room, you simply can’t do it all in one day. And unfortunately, you’ve got to create a lot of mess for the organisation to take place. You will probably question at least once why the decision was made to start organising, but once it’s done, I just feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Genuinely, one step at a time, organising one draw might be all that is needed. I like organising and I still question why I’ve started when there is mess surrounding me. But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


We’ve all got stuff that we don’t want to part with right? This is when storage boxes become your best friend. For me, I *try* to keep the boxes in some kind of order but in reality, it just means I can store what I don’t use everyday yet know where to find it. Something like a hole punch, I don’t need it everyday BUT I like to know where it is and be able to find find it pretty quickly. Being able to store winter jumpers away during summer or vice versa also works for me, keeps my wardrobe streamlined for the appropriate weather and opening the box at the start of a new season is *kind of* like a shopping trip (you can read my post about secondhand September here).


I can guarantee that every time I start organising a part of my room, I end up spending a decent amount of time reminiscing. Photo albums? Birthday cards? Sentimental items? I just love looking through them! When I’ve slacked with some organisation, who knows what could be found and distract myself from the actual task in hand. But there’s a reason for keeping them so buy some new photo frames to display them, a scrapbook (I have so many tickets from student union nights out), organise the trinkets and just make them a part of the room.


Once all that time has been spent on organising, the room deserves some new additions really, or at least some thought about it. This is where I’m going to mention using the importance of what already exists. Most likely, in the time spent organising, the ‘new’ additions have already been found AND it’s very important to maximise on these if the budget is low – GET CREATIVE. Switch up the wall prints, add fairy lights, a lightshade, cushions, you name it.

Have you organised a part of your house lately? Let me know how you got on!


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