Welcome Back! (Sort of)

Sometimes a blog post will almost write itself, I can tap away on my laptop (loudly I may add) without really thinking and there you go. But since my last post in 2020, (The Self Care Ideas You Need For a 2020 Christmas), I just haven’t known the next thing to write.

But now it’s MARCH. Three months into the year of 2021, where we’ve now got a roadmap to move onwards and upwards from Covid-19 and lockdown. Bring on June 21st we say – but also don’t because I’m anxious about post-lockdown life. It’s a REAL feeling.

So lets bring you up to speed with where I’ve been for the last three months…

  1. I’ve moved! I now reside in a one-bed flat with a balcony I’m hoping to turn into a beautiful space of plants. My first planting of seeds didn’t quite go to plan so I’ll have to keep you updated on that one. My instagram will feature quite a few updates – photos from my daily walks and the amazing rainbow refraction light in our flat!
  2. I’ve had the vaccine! Epilepsy is defined as an at-risk group for Covid-19, which put me into Group 6 ‘Adults aged 16 to 65 years in an at-risk group’ and luckily receiving my first vaccination mid-February. It happened really quickly and I was super impressed with the organisation.
  3. I joined the lockdown birthday club! It was actually pretty fun – a day filled with walks, coffee, video calls, fajitas & drinks. Looking back on my birthday last year, we all had no idea this would happen.
  4. This blog has a new name! In my mind, I felt it was time for a change so the move to ‘www.writtenbyim.co.uk’ occurred. It feels a bit like a new start and hopefully you’ll be getting blog posts more often from now on.
  5. I’m attempting to read 35 books in 2021! For those who know me, this might not sound like a challenge, I’m a pretty fast reader. But reading isn’t in my routine, I’ll go months without reading a book and then read a few in a week. According to GoodReads, I’m 3 books behind progress with this goal…

And that’s that! Those are the positives I can take from the last 3 months and for some reason on this Sunday evening, my motivation to write is back. Maybe the spinach and feta pie I made from a Waitrose recipe card was magic?

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back! (Sort of)

  1. It’s lovely to see you back writing again Im 🥺 It can be so hard losing that passion for writing but I’m so glad you’ve found it within you! Can’t wait to see more from you x

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