Hey, hello and hi! My name is Imogen, the creator and self-care advocate of www.theimlife.co.uk.

Through this blog, I’ve rediscovered my love for writing, as two years ago I was a stressed-out student who needed to occupy those pesky negative thoughts. Now, I’m a graduate and beginning to navigate the ‘adult world’, whatever that means? To me, September will always feel like ‘back-to-school’ and I just love starting a new notebook.

So, in terms of my natural habitat, I tend to be found in a local coffee shop tapping away at my laptop, although I have now got a pretty nice calm desk space in my room to do all of that too. I’m all about giving yourself a place to sit and get the ideas flowing – we’re all creative in one way or another!

But even as a 22 year-old graduate, feeling like a very small fish in a huge pond, with a million things to prove, I know work-life balance is still important. I want to share tips and tricks for how this can be put into practice and to avoid the dreaded ‘burn-out’, so I guess we can call some aspects of this blog a self-development journey, tying in quite nicely with how important self-care is to me…

So, if this sounds like your kind of thing, these are the blog post topics which you can expect from TheImLife….

LIFESTYLE – This is where I share the exciting parts of day-to-day life right? Well, I guess it’ll be more of what I’m up to, a combination of my current thoughts, updates on how I’m developing a sustainable lifestyle, a few ‘go-to’ vegetarian recipes and every so often there will be a book review, as I try to maintain some kind of reading schedule.

SELF-CARE – Following an epilepsy diagnosis in 2019, self-care has become one of the priorities in my lifestyle so I’m here to share my journey. I’m a yoga-enthusiast and I hope you share my enthusiasm, but there will be posts about setting goals, organisation and podcasts – the everyday self-care activities that we definitely should be making time for.

TRAVEL – The trips I was hoping to do may have halted since COVID-19 arrived, but that doesn’t mean that my passion for travel has. At the moment, exploring the UK is my thing – especially on a budget, recent graduate over here yknow? I’m also incredibly passionate about visiting and shopping local (as a current resident in the Peak District) so if that could support your UK travel trip, I’m doing something right.

I hope I’ve persuaded you to stick around!

If you feel like we’d get on like a house on fire, you can also find me through social media: