How I’m Working Towards My 2021 Reading Goal

If you’re looking for solid advice of reading for 15 minutes every night, I unfortunately am unable to offer such advice, given I do not follow those methods. I guess I’m more of a sporadic reader, I won’t read for weeks and then all of sudden, read a book in a day. I’m not entirely sure where my ability to read quickly came from but I’m not complaining.

As a new years resolution, I went onto Good Reads and set myself a goal to read 35 books this year. Initially I thought that’s achievable. But now it’s nearly April (WHAT?) and I’ve read 5 books. So here is how I’m going to attempt to get myself back on course for reading 35 books this year.

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5 Books on my ‘Self-Care’ Reading List

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One of my 2020 ‘resolutions’ was to read more. This one has been semi achieved, but I’m not ‘strict’ on myself to read X amount of books, instead I kind of go with the flow. I think I’ll set a ‘target’ for 2021 and see how I get on. Instead, I’m currently updating my Good Reads account to try and trace back the amount I’ve read (you can follow me on Good Reads here).

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Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens | Review

This book has been on my radar for some time. It’s one-part mystery, one-part ‘coming-of-age’. It begins with Kya, known as “Marsh Girl”, in 1952. A young girl who is slowly deserted by all her family to be left with her drunken, abusive father. The mystery element explores a murder scene, where sheriffs find Chase Andrews in 1969.

From the first few pages of the book, you can tell that Kya is a complex character. Yet, I think you can see the determination in her character from the start. As the book spans across 17 years, the reader is present for Kya’s life journey, from childhood to maturity.

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Book Review: My Thoughts on ‘Flawed’ & ‘Perfect’ by Cecelia Ahern

I’m an avid reader, but the amount of time I set aside for reading comes in waves. As soon as the sun comes out, that tends to get the motivation and time for reading back out. Is there anything better than sunbathing and reading a book?

The most recent books that I have read are: Flawed & Perfect by Cecelia Ahern. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I started reading but it’s a page turner! The reason why these books are so captivating is how the core element of the story questions judgement in society. Without giving any spoilers away, Flawed finishes on a cliffhanger & if you’re engrossed in the story, you’ll want to start reading Perfect straight away. Perfect picks up right from where the story in Flawed finishes, so in total, you’ve got 829 pages to dive into.

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