One Year On – ‘The Inbetween Size’

So, a year ago, I wrote a post called ‘The In-between size‘ this was talking about how I’ve found it difficult to judge sizing, whether that was trying clothes on in shops or online shopping. Let’s be honest, how many times have we liked an item, it didn’t quite fit, but it was too much effort to go get the next size & try it on again?

The reason why I’ve wanted to write a post like this again is because I went shopping the other day and tried on the same skirt in different colours but in the same size. Now will you believe me if I said one fitted & the other didn’t?! Even though it was the same skirt, the sizing was completely off.

Since writing the last blog post, I feel as though my mindset has shifted. That’s in a good way. Yes I still have moments of thinking ‘why do no clothes fit me?!’ as I can’t get the sizing or the style right, but it’s a learning curve & so this is what I’ve learnt over the last year:

  1. Wear Colour – this was always something I shied away from, I love a neutral colour but found I was always leaning towards black for when I wanted to feel comfortable & it is true that black jeans go with everything! A colour consultation has really helped here (just to note: colour consultations are expensive & I was very lucky to be gifted one but I will say that they are definitely worth the money). To know the colours that suit me best, means that I already feel better when wearing them, for example; as I have blue eyes, blue is one of the easiest colours for me to wear & one that I feel comfortable in. But it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I’ve realised that I can wear colours like greens & pinks more often.
Dress & Sandals – New Look

2. Try different styles – last year, I’d just discovered culottes (late to the party as always), but I was always unsure as to whether they’d suit me. I’ve expanded my collection over the year to a denim pair & a navy culotte jumpsuit, but will most definitely be on the lookout for more now the weather is getting warmer. Mom jeans is another style I didn’t think would suit me, but after giving them a go & realising how comfy they are, I’m sold.

3. Size is just a number – unfortunately, even though my mindset has shifted, I’ve only recently started to recognise this. But it’s the same as wearing styles that suit best, as they need to fit right too. By wearing the size that fits the best, hopefully prioritises comfort (we all want to sit down without jeans cutting into our waistband right?), but as well would help confidence, and that’s something I’m working on!

How have your experiences with clothes sizing been?

All clothes pictured are from New Look – Links below:

Khaki Dress –

Sandals –

Denim Culottes –

Jumpsuit no longer on website but there are plenty of similar jumpsuits: