2020 Goals: Why I’m Having A Fresh Start

I’m not normally a fan of transitioning into the colder autumn weather but I’ve always been a fan of the ‘back-to-school’ feeling. We all know it’s been an interesting year (to say the least) and I’m craving the fresh start, the ability to press reset, a shake-up of the routine as we continue to adjust to a ‘new normal’.

I love the thought of goals. Goals are intentional, with a plan, a measurable, how are you going to achieve it and when? But for someone who thrives from organisation, I’m not that great at keeping on track with the smaller goals. It’s worth noting here that I have achieved a pretty big goal, ie. completing my degree, so round of applause there. But the smaller goals that I set for self-care, like journaling everyday or reading two books a month, have definitely subsided.

I’ll hold myself accountable to those goals, I wrote all about them in a blog post at the end of December. But during the lockdown period, it was more about going with the flow than making sure that I was achieving the self-care goals set. Now I’ve got this ‘back-to-school’ feelings, this is my time to set some goals, with measures and plans to achieve, for the next few months and it’s actually a pretty good idea. Here’s why….


To turn over the new leaf as they say, my mind needs to feel ready to do so. There is still so much uncertainty and for me, the news is still pretty overwhelming. So I’m starting by recording my achievements from the last six months – big and small – it can be anything, from walking 7,000 steps a day to reading one book in the last few months. But recognising those achievements can result in newer specific goals, a bit more tailored to how our lifestyles have shifted in the past few months.


The current climate hasn’t quite given reasons for some optimism. But I do like to *try* and remain some positivity, so instead I’m taking note of what I’ve learnt, especially as lockdown has given (I’m sure most of us) a new perspective on everything. Apart from seeing friends and family, what did I really miss? Sitting in a coffee shop (the first caramel latte that I had was incredible). Seriously though, I’m defining them as ‘lockdown lessons’, which can hopefully shape our outlook on what actually makes a positive difference to our life, has anything changed work-life balance wise?


I’m sure we’ve all mentally got some plans of what we’d like to do when this is *all over* and I’ve heard the phrase ‘2020 is cancelled’ far too many times. I mean yes, things haven’t quite gone to plan, but there’s still time left in 2020 right? Plans might need tweaking and/or changed to fit with what you’re comfortable with, but this is where the ‘imaginary reset button’ idea comes in rather than waiting for the countdown to 2021 to start your plans up again.


I definitely found a routine in the depths of lockdown. I had weekly zoom calls scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays, I’d try to do workouts on Mondays and Fridays, Wednesday mornings consisted of a online yoga class, et cetera. But we’ve started to ease out of the ‘stay-at-home’ mentality, seen friends and family, we’ve ‘eaten out to help out’, the gyms are open, I’ve now been to Birmingham (!), et cetera – lifestyles have changed to try and enjoy everything we’ve missed. So it’s time to get some routine back into the ‘new normal’ lifestyle; whether that’s an updated skincare routine, more meal planning, scheduled workouts or walks, whatever works for you.




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