How I’m Working Towards My 2021 Reading Goal

If you’re looking for solid advice of reading for 15 minutes every night, I unfortunately am unable to offer such advice, given I do not follow those methods. I guess I’m more of a sporadic reader, I won’t read for weeks and then all of sudden, read a book in a day. I’m not entirely sure where my ability to read quickly came from but I’m not complaining.

As a new years resolution, I went onto Good Reads and set myself a goal to read 35 books this year. Initially I thought that’s achievable. But now it’s nearly April (WHAT?) and I’ve read 5 books. So here is how I’m going to attempt to get myself back on course for reading 35 books this year.

1. Keeping my Kindle in sight

It’s very easy to just put my Kindle in a draw and forget about it. But given the device is actually my personal library, it doesn’t belong in a draw. To be honest, considering I have had my Kindle since 2011, I should give it kudos for sticking around this long. Yes, it does take it’s time to load things and I have to make sure I press the right keys but but ultimately it’s still serving the purpose (touch wood).

2. Making a note of book reccomendations

I think this is similar to not knowing what to watch on TV. Instead you scroll through the channels, feel a bit lost, then perhaps watch something you really aren’t interested in. But with books, if you’re not interested in reading the pages, it’s incredibly hard to actually finish reading the book. So if I hear anyone mention they quite liked a book, I add it to my notes app and go back to the list when I’m looking for something new to read.

3. Entering book giveaways on social media

We all love a giveaway, a competition right? Well I’ve got faith in them now, after I won a book giveaway on Instagram and had the opportunity to read ‘Ghosts’ by Dolly Alderton, a book which had been on my ‘to-read’ list for a while. Actually winning the giveaway was ultimate motivation to read the book as soon as it was delivered. So you never know, winning these competitions/giveaways could happen one day.

4. Suggesting a book swap

There’s an interesting debate for Kindle vs paperback book and considering which one is most environmentally friendly – it was actually discussed by this article back in 2010. I’ve got to admit, I do love a paperback, not much of a fan of hardbacks though. But considering the environment in mind, I don’t want to purchasing numerous paperbacks. Yet I still want to read numerous books, so this is where I suggest a book swap with my friends/family. And for the book swaps I’ve promised so far this year, don’t worry I will get round to posting the book soon!!

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