The Self-Care Ideas You Need For A 2020 Christmas

As I write this, it’s Sunday 20th December. The day after the swift change in UK restrictions and I’m sure all of us are feeling pretty meh. Luckily, I had a quiet Christmas planned so not much has changed but I’m sending love to everyone who has been impacted. Now, this is when we’re needing some self-care ideas to make the best of unfortunately a pretty poor situation.

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How to Set Up a Self-Care Toolkit in the Winter Months

I find this time of the year tough, even though it’s the run-up to Christmas. It’s dark, it’s cold and this year we’ve been part of another national lockdown. Thank you 2020.

At this time of year, quite a few of us will live with seasonal affective disorder and perhaps subconsciously not realise a lower mood, a lack of energy and increased feelings of despair, worthlessness and irritability. So let’s add a global pandemic and national lockdown restrictions to the mix, that’ll be fun.

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My Self-Care Methods As The Nights Draw In

We’ve had the summer, those long, light days and now it’s dark by 8pm. Those daylight hours are on a downward slope from here now.

But this year, I’m actually ready for autumn. September felt like a fresh start – although of course, managing COVID-19 is proving no mean feat at the moment (get the track and trace app set up people).

As those nights draw in, seasonal affective disorder is common. You might find that your mood drops, especially as you are no longer being woken up by light streaming through your window (even if it did wake you up pretty early some mornings). Instead it’s a blaring alarm.

I’m a morning person and I’ve talked about that before. But getting up in the dark isn’t really fun is it?

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The Life Lessons That I’ve Learnt From Lockdown

We’ve been on a rollercoaster for the last four months. It can be categorised (trivially) as; the banana bread obsession period, pre Netflix’s Tiger King, post Netflix’s Tiger King, Disney + release, the weekly pub quiz era (welcoming suggestions for more trivial lockdown categories).

I finished university THREE months ago now and to be honest, I’d like to know where those three months have gone?

So, amongst the graduate job applications in a very uncertain economy, there has been plenty of time to pause and reflect. I think we will probably all emerge from this period of time as a slightly different person, with a different perspective, a different way of thinking. Let’s call them the lockdown lessons.

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A Moment for No Makeup

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At the moment the world feels chaotic, the future feels uncertain and I have only really left the house for walks over the last three months. The ‘need’ to wear makeup is non existent really.

So, thinking about it, as I haven’t worn makeup for most days during the last 3 months of lockdown, that is probably the longest period of time without makeup since I was 13/14.

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6 Ways to Cope with the ‘Lockdown Limbo’

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I’m not sure which month has felt weirder this year – April or May? Let me know what you think.

It’s the beginning of June now and I’d like to define this time as the ‘Lockdown Limbo’. The rules are easing and some days, I think that there might be light at the end of this tunnel. But it’s tough, especially from a mental health/well being perspective – we all cope differently with this HUGE element of change. I hate uncertainty at the best of times so this ‘lockdown limbo’ is exacerbating that x100. Here are a few ways (somewhat trivial) that I’m utilising to help ease how I feel.

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