10 Small Businesses You Should Shop At & Support This Christmas

If there is one positive (and festive) change that we can make, it’s supporting the small UK independent businesses and traders. Last year, they’d be Christmas markets and extended opening hours to mooch around the shops but this time around, it’s a laptop screen.

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Now before you head to Amazon because there’s next day delivery and you can put it all in one order, I’ve curated a list of small businesses that you can support online for the next few months. Small businesses are people’s passion projects and shopping consciously is a mindset – there can be a round of applause though as since the pandemic, it has been found that over 32 million people have been making a conscious decision to support independent businesses. 

This list is to share the love and point you in the direction of their online shop/social media pages. Support can be in the form of purchases, but it can also be in the form of interacting with their social media, sharing their content and recommending to family/friends. Here is hopefully a good place to start to build up a catalogue of small businesses…

Photo by Pexels.com

Homeware & Gifts

Handmade Design – I’ve loved this shop ever since it opened in my local town. The clue is in the name, Handmade Design supports over 50 UK Designers and Makers and combining the individuality of each brand in one place is a stroke of genius. From Cow Close Mill with upcycled furniture to Lottie & Jake with handmade cork accessories.

Glow Homeware – In August, Katy opened the doors to Glow Homeware, selling soy wax candles and art prints. it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re on the lookout for gifts.


Mal Paper – If you’re a planner like me, these look fab-u-lous! Daily goal setting planners, jotter pads and their mindful diary; The #Checkin Journal – where a portion of the sale price is donated to Mind.

Bonita Ivie Prints – Stationary, cards and homeware; this is right up my street. The designs are LUSH.


Totesforyouu – I first came across Totesforyouu on Tiktok (true proof that social media is powerful) and I was straight on the website. Next thing I know I’ve ordered a sweatshirt and it’s arrived in the post. But it was the ultimate gift to myself as we enter another lockdown and IT IS SO COMFY.

RosieGraceStudio – This is not something I’d normally associate with womenswear, but it’s 2020, we all need a face mask at the moment, right? Ditch the disposable ones, avoid mass ordering on Amazon and get a cute one from Rosie!!

Design Prints

Heskey Designs – I first came across Heskey Designs on Etsy, after many scrolls to try and find a birthday gift. I love a quote, but I love even more that the focus of Heskey Designs is personalisation. Different fonts, different colours, the option to add a name, means that it’s completely up to you.

Talk Twenties – Talk Twenties is the place to go on social media for ‘adulting’ advice, whether that’s saving for a house, career directions or just community support for twenty-somethings. So of course, their prints are tailored to *typically* us millennials, something to hang on the wall in our first house as a motivational reminder for when the going gets tough.


Honeydew Club – I’m a fan of hoop earrings, but Honeydew Club are combining this with my passion for reducing our impact on the environment. Their eco-silver range is made entirely from recycled silver so I am here for it. All of the gemstones are from ethical sources and they look beautiful so you can’t go wrong.

Lines & Current – Another of my favourites for minimalist jewellery is Lines & Current. I’m not sure there’s anything on the website that I don’t like the look of. The statement is; “For girls who don’t wear jewellery” and I just love that concept.  

And as I asked on Instagram, here are a few of your recommendations to check out:

The Clean Kilo


Coconut & Cotton


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