The Summer to Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

So we’ve hit the point in August where everything is just really rainy & cold haven’t we? We’re still clinging onto the summer clothes in our wardrobe with the hope that it will eventually brighten up & the sunshine will return, but we need a jumper to be at the ready for when it’s freezing in the house because you’re DEFINITELY not putting the heating on during summer.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a massive fan of Autumn, I’m more of a Spring gal as the weather starts to brighten up. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine, but with constant interchangeable weather in the UK (especially the weird warm rain), what actually is best to wear?

Good Ole Pair of Boots

Most likely, your summer dresses & skirts are still in the wardrobe & don’t worry, you should be okay to keep them in there a bit longer, the sun could still make another appearance. But when it’s that drizzly rain weather, let’s get the boots out of the wardrobe & dust them off. I’ve got a similar pair of these Black Flat Boots from Debenhams (picked up in the spring sale!!) but have found a very similar style (& cheaper) at Topshop. You’ll be good to go as sandals aren’t quite made for puddles unfortunately.

The Go-To Jacket

I’m really late to the Leather Jacket party unfortunately, I’ve wanted one for ages but just not made the investment (student budget eh?) but I found this Leather Biker Jacket in Zara recently & for £50, I thought I’d go for it. After testing in the drizzly weather, it does actually seem to defect rain pretty well – you just need the umbrella combo to avoid wet hair!! Last year, this burgundy military jacket was the ‘go-to’ & I wore it SO much that I can’t wait to put it back into my wardrobe this year.

Basic Tees

These work solo for the warmer days, or as a layer for the days that appear cold & then get warm. We’ve all been there sweltering in a jumper just because the weather gave us the illusion that it was cold, or you’re somewhere that has whacked up the heating because it’s cold! Sustainable brands like Stay Wild Swim or Organic Basics are a good place to get those tees from, long lasting & kind to the planet means you’re sorted.

The Right Pair of Jeans

For me, it’s these Asos Mom Jeans that are the winners in my wardrobe at the moment. The high-waisted comfy style means you can dress up or dress down. Pair of converse & t-shirt or boots & jumper – along with your leather jacket staple, you’re covered whatever the weather really. It depends on what style of jean you like the most.

There you have it, hopefully these wardrobe essentials will have you covered until the colder weather hits.

Whats your favourite fashion season?

Im x

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