The 6 Beauty Products That I’ve Repurchased & Why I Love Them

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Time for a bit of a beauty chat! I don’t tend to break the bank with beauty products and although it takes me a bit of time to find products I truly LOVE, I can easily accumulate beauty products that I don’t actually need – can’t beat a wander around Boots from time-to-time. Skincare wise, I suffer from dry skin and am yet to find a moisturiser that truly works but these six products have been my main routine for quite some time now.

Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ Cleansing Balm* – I’m not joking when I say this has been in my routine for quite some time. It seems to last FOREVER and might be slightly on the pricier side in comparison to the other products, but you definitely get value for money. The clue in the name, ‘Take the Day Off’, means that it is a good addition to evening skincare routines (it feels like an overnight face mask). But it works well singularly too – I apply all over my face and rub across my eyes to remove mascara before washing with a muslim cloth. It might slightly sting your eyes if you’ve put too much on, so have a towel to hand!!

Garnier Rose Water Cleansing Milk – I’d probably say that this is one of Garnier’s best skincare products – it’s just SO soft, gentle and it just leaves my face feeling fully woken up, perfect for an AM skincare routine. The product is aimed at sensitive skin types and although my skin type is dry/combination, I like that it’s really subtle, yet so good at actually cleansing your skin.

Pixi Rose Tonic* – This product seems to be talked about everywhere and with pretty good reviews, I made the purchase about six months ago. It’s not an everyday product for me, but it’s a product that just makes me feel nice. It smells GOOD, gives a healthy glow and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. Again, I tend to use this as an evening skincare product but it works AM or PM – use a reusable cotton pad, swept across your face and you’re good to go.

Loreal ‘Miss Baby Roll’ Waterproof Mascara* – This mascara was one I threw in my basket to get 3 for 2 at Boots, but it’s proved a pretty good find. It’s not too expensive and does the job to be honest – long-lasting, length and volume. However, it does need to be applied carefully to avoid clumping together and remove carefully with cleanser to prevent accidentally ripping out all of your eyelashes (obviously not ideal).

Body Shop Fresh Nude Tinted BB Cream – I do like a bit of Body Shop make-up and this BB cream glides effortlessly across my skin and provides what I need in terms of skin hydration, along with 30 SPF. *If you do go into a Body Shop store, you will probably buy way more than expected because the staff are so nice*. I’ve included this product because it’s a staple in my make-up draw – but after looking on the website, it seems that this is the new formula and the previous ‘All-in-One BB Cream’ was much better. The reviews are not so good for this newer BB cream but as I can’t compare between the two, I can only give my honest opinion about this one and I actually really like it.

Garnier ‘Ultimate Blends’ Coconut Oil* – This smells DIVINE. It is a product that I repurchase and repurchase because it works really well for my hair. When I was younger, I used VO5 Heat Protect Spray to death to protect my hair from heat styling tools – I’m sure this was a classic for many? It had a distinct smell that just reminds me of secondary school (LOL) – but it didn’t work for my hair. The ‘Ultimate Blends’ range can be used pre hair wash, in-between washes or post-wash to give the added hydration to your hair as well as heat protection. It’s also good to apply post-wash before you brush (or untangle) your hair. The smell lasts too, it’s like perfume for your hair & a winner in my book.

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