A Moment for No Makeup

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At the moment the world feels chaotic, the future feels uncertain and I have only really left the house for walks over the last three months. The ‘need’ to wear makeup is non existent really.

So, thinking about it, as I haven’t worn makeup for most days during the last 3 months of lockdown, that is probably the longest period of time without makeup since I was 13/14.

By most standards, I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway. Day-to-day, it tends to be a bit of mascara, tinted moisturiser and concealer.

Saying that, there is something quite nice at spending a bit more time getting ready and trying new products. Sometimes, it is that ‘confidence boost’ for when the days feel low. I have recently purchased a Birchbox subscription, where I’ll receive a box of mini products for a few months (I’ll talk about this/give a review in another post).

This ‘no makeup moment’ has been fuelled by staying at home and counter balanced by an increase in skincare routine, I’ve been embracing the time for a pamper moment. Although I haven’t had to remove makeup at the end of most days, I’ve still been using the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ cleansing balm*. It’s like a mini face-mask and tends to smooth out my skin, reducing redness, blemishes etc. In terms of moisturiser, I’ve been using the Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day cream, which has just enough in terms of moisture and protecting your skin, but it’s not heavy.

My skin is probably thanking me for this. As someone with a dry-combination complexion, makeup tends to pull any moisture away from my face (I’ve had plenty of times where it is actually better to wear no foundation, than have it cling to my face).

The reality is that we do live in society where looks are ‘valued’ and social media exacerbates that, filters that ‘improve’ appearance are a prime example. But I think if lockdown has taught me (and hopefully others) anythings, it is to embrace and reach acceptance with how we look. A messy bun and no makeup is a pretty regular look for me.

Whilst I’ve been at home, I’ve been able to break some makeup habits. Instinctively, we tend to cover up a spot/blemish with concealer, not wanting others to see that ‘imperfect’ part. Staying at home has given me pause for thought with this and by not adding foundation/concealer into the mix, blemishes have reduced quicker. This isn’t fool-proof method though, we’ve all been there; whether thats a birthday party, graduation or night out, feeling frustrated that a spot/blemish has decided to appear on that PARTICULAR day.

But going forward, let’s take a moment to consider why we want to wear makeup and remove the subconscious pressure that we ‘have’ to wear makeup in the outside world.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

Coco Chanel

2 thoughts on “A Moment for No Makeup

  1. Lovely post Imogen! I’d wear makeup to the office every day but since working from home I’ve only really bothered wearing any at the weekend as I really fancied a spruce! I’m happy to leave the house without it and not cover any blemishes, I’ve learnt to love my makeup-less face more. I do love it every now and again but have enjoyed going without.

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