6 Ways to Cope with the ‘Lockdown Limbo’

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I’m not sure which month has felt weirder this year – April or May? Let me know what you think.

It’s the beginning of June now and I’d like to define this time as the ‘Lockdown Limbo’. The rules are easing and some days, I think that there might be light at the end of this tunnel. But it’s tough, especially from a mental health/well being perspective – we all cope differently with this HUGE element of change. I hate uncertainty at the best of times so this ‘lockdown limbo’ is exacerbating that x100. Here are a few ways (somewhat trivial) that I’m utilising to help ease how I feel.

I’m actually enjoying some meditation – Cliche, I know. BUT, sometimes I wake up and feel like I need a good five minutes to just breathe. To sit on my bedroom floor and zone out from the world, let my thoughts drift wherever they want to. I’m listening to my body with this one, I might wake up and do meditation with a few sun salutations – yoga is still my ‘go-to’. Some mornings, I wake up and want to just sit for a minute but some mornings I wake up and don’t fancy meditating at all.

Taking some time to make yourself feel NICE – I’m a morning person but I’m finding it harder and harder to get up. And I don’t see the point in getting ready, because we’re not going anywhere. Instead, I’m trying my best to stick to a good skincare routine and give my hair a bit of TLC as a pick-me-up. I didn’t realise what my hair had been missing until I tried the Body Shop’s Shea Butter Hair Mask*.

Embracing the Inner Bookworm – For me, warm weather = reading. I set the task of three books in May and I’ve read two, mainly because I went off-piste and started reading Michelle Obama’s book (which is a big ‘un) instead of my planned third book for May. I know, I’m living the life at the moment. The two books that I did read though were; All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr – I did really liked the writing style but found it confusing at times to keep up with the different perspectives, and The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley – it’s quite a cute story and has similarities to the book, ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Perfectly Fine’.

Listening to a podcast – If you’ve read my latest blog posts, I’m sure you’re like “Im, we know you love a podcast”. But they have genuinely been keeping me sane. At the start of lockdown, I listed a few of my favourite podcasts (you can read about this here), but I have been listening to them SO much more. Lily (Lily Pebbles) and Anna (TheAnnaEdit) are also bringing back their ‘At Home With’ podcast (YES!) – you can find this on Spotify, Acast, Apple Music etc.

Think ahead, think optimistic & make a plan– Although lockdown is easing (UK), it doesn’t mean everything will ping back to normal – like I’ve mentioned, we’re in this weird ‘limbo’ stage at the moment. If you’re like me, things might not have really changed with the ease of rules. So make a bucket list, what do you want to look forward to? Maybe a few realistic ones, like a walk with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or some more optimistic ones, like eventually having a holiday break in the UK. But also, take some time for reflection.

Making all the delicious food – Social media is full of sourdough bread attempts at the moment. I haven’t given it a try, nor have I really done a lot of baking. However, I did finally get round to making custard tarts, one year on from being completely obsessed with them in Lisbon. Thank you to BBC Good Foods, this recipe for ‘Pastel de nata’ is pretty simple! I switched the creamy whole milk for soya cream & soy milk to make the custard dairy free. In terms of making delicious dinners, I think I’ve done pretty well, one of my favourites was this butternut squash recipe.

To close this blog post, I want to say that I really hope you’re doing okay. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable for people to break the rules and I know thats disheartening, I feel it too. There’s still a long way to go, the rules may have eased and so has our ability to do the things we love again but it hasn’t fully disappeared.

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4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Cope with the ‘Lockdown Limbo’

  1. I’ve definitely found that getting semi ready really makes me feel better, it’s an effort some mornings but worth it!


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